See the Universe- Visit a University

To see the universe you realize that the world we live in is actually so small.  I think most of us stay within a 10 mile radius of our home most days.  Today we started the day at 9 AM at our coop.  Our coop goes until about 2:30.  Right after we went home for a few minutes, ate dinner, got ready for soccer practice and headed back out the door for soccer with my daughter’s “school” friends.  Shocking, I know, my daughter has homeschool friends and non-home school friends, she is socialized.  We then ran home to grab the hubby and headed over to a local university to meet other homeschool friends, who are not part of our current coop, to go see the universe. We ran into several other homeschoolers there too.

Six times a year a local university opens up their Astronomy Observatory,   Students from the Astronomy Club set up various telescopes, reflectors, refractors and a giant binocular for the public to look through for a few hours.  We were able to see Venus through the Observatory telescope.  We also saw Uranus, a cluster of stars, a random star and two stars stacked right on top of one another.  Way cool experience for the kids…and the moms and dads. You can also walk around inside the University where they also had pictures hanging with information about our world.  The kids were so excited looking through all the various telescopes, so needless to say we spent most of our time outside.  

Check out your local colleges and universities, you will be surprised at the offerings they have for children to visit their campus, including class offerings and camps during school breaks.  Some classes may be geared toward homeschoolers, based on the time they are offered, but I have found most of what we have attended at our local colleges and universities are scheduled to afford access to all children.  If you want to set up a field trip to any of these schools too, don’t be afraid to contact them, they want exposure to as many budding potential students as will visit their schools.

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