So I like to think of myself as pretty techy and all, but the reality is, I’m old. Not old-old, but old enough to be out of the loop and still think I am with it. That kind of old. That’s why I still occasionally write my grocery list on paper (gasp!) and ask my husband every single time my computer freezes up, even though I am fully aware that having 32 browser windows open is the root of my problem. But even a tech toddler like myself can master a few new tricks, and there a few time savers, in particular, that have changed my life. Here they are, in no particular order.

Evernote lets you store passwords, articles and any of the other cool info you find online in your own notebooks!
Evernote lets you store passwords, articles and any of the other cool info you find online in your own notebooks!


I have had Evernote for 2 years, possibly more, but I am just not starting to comprehend everything that it can do. That great homeschooling article you want to save! Evernote does that, and lets you file it away in categories, or notebooks, that you create. It saves passwords, to-do lists, images – absolutely anything, organized neatly, and it syncs across all your devices. And it lets you quickly and easily share them with anyone you want. It’s genius. If I try to explain everything that it does, I will mess it all up, so I’ll just let them do it for me.

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ZipList lets you collect and categorize all the recipes you find online and create meal plans and shopping lists.


ZipList is to recipes what Pinterest is to images. Pure genius. Just like Pinterest, and Evernote, ZipList adds a little clipper to your browser bar that lets you quickly clip a recipe, save it to the appropriate recipe box, and then later, include it in a meal plan and create a grocery shopping list. And naturally, it syncs with your phone. Recipes clipped from magazines were taking over my life, but I’ve found that mots (not all) are available online, so I just save them in ZipList and toss the paper version. I’d like to say that I am completely organized now, and that I’ve taken meal-planning to a whole new level, but this is a tool that really helps the often unprepared, like me, because it lets you access your favorite recipes on the fly. Brilliant.

SaneBox sifts out unimportant emails so you don't miss the important stuff!
SaneBox sifts out unimportant emails so you don’t miss the important stuff!


I subscribe to a lot of emails. A LOT of emails. And sometimes, the important emails, the ones I really needed to respond to, got lost in the clutter of recipes and sales alerts (ooh – shoes!). SaneBox has changed my life. For a couple of dollars a month, SaneBox sifts through your inbox and stashes the less important store emails into a folder called SaneLater, easily accessible but out of the way, so that your InBox is clear and ad-free. And it lets you train your emails. When you go to move an email from the inbox to the SaneLater folder, it asks whether you want to move it Once or Always, and it remembers. It’s such a massive relief to not have to delete dozens of emails just to find the ones I need to read.

Now that my recipes are sorted, my inbox under control and all my important info and passwords stored in one safe location, I feel like I can conquer the world. Or, at least, the laundry.

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