Activities for Air Travel During the Holidays

Activities for AirTraveling during the holiday and at any time with kids can be trying, but the holidays seem to always add a little extra stress.  If you are traveling by air the airports tend to be more crowded and just more stressful.  I have learned that getting to the gate can be a long walk and I start the “activities” with the walk to the gate.


We don’t just walk to the gate, we fly, swim, hop and skip.  When the inevitable “How much more do we have to walk?” starts, my simple response is “We don’t have to walk, let’s _____”.  You can file in the blank with fly, swim, hop or skip and then instead of “walking” we move through the airport pretending to fly or swim or actually hop or skip a little.


When waiting for our flight at the gate and on the airplane we make up stories abut the passengers and the fight attendants.  We give them an interesting back story and tell a story of why they are on our particular flight.  We have had flight attendants undercover as spies, passengers who are going to meet their new husband through an arranged marriage, some who just own the lottery, etc. We let our imaginations run wild.


We always bring books to read and puzzle books.  These alone can sometimes be used for the whole flight depending on how long the flight is.  We also bring our own movies.  I always travel with my computer and IPAD.  I can either download movies to the IPAD before we leave or bring some DVD’s to watch on the computer.  Don’t forget to bring your own headphones.


Airplane time is a great time to get schoolwork done.  As  homeschooler we travel with our school books and my child knows that if she get her schoolwork done on the plane, or part of it,  we can spend less time doing on schoolwork once we land.  This can be the same if your kids are out of school or missing school and have homework to complete.


We never miss an opportunity to check out the clouds when we are up in the sky.  We see what shapes the clouds make and imagine with each other what it would be like living on a cloud.

I don’t want to leave out the obvious…sleep.  Bring a little pillow and a light throw and take a nap.

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