I am sure I have mentioned it before how much I like the Apologia science book and lap book, but today I had to share something from there that I absolutely loved, an Apologia Science Board Game.  We have been using Swimming Creatures on the Fifth Day and we have just finished Chapter 8.  At the end of each chapter they usually have some type of project, i.e. raising sea monkeys or tadpoles, dissecting a shark and some other great ideas I know we will likely never do.  I have been through 3 turtles, one dying and 2 being released and we had to find the proper location to release them to ensure they were safe, and after drying the tears of my child as they were released, I am fairly confident we are not going to be raising any reptile or amphibious type creatures for a while, and certainly not dissecting any.  I know we will eventually, just not yet.  I digress, back to the book, so at then end of this chapter they had a different idea, this one we were all over…create your own board game with what you have learned.  Lightning is working on her flash cards and creating her game board.  We are using index cards for the game cards and a file folder for the game board, as suggested.  She is contemplating the instructions as I type and she is working on her game board.  What I love about this game creation is that she is going to continue to add cards as we continue on with the chapters.

My only critique is that I wished this would have been in Lesson One and she could have had a complete game board by the time we finished the book.  It’s OK though because she is motivated to go back and review the chapters to add more questions…another great learning opportunity.

You can use this idea with any subject.  Take a subject that your child doesn’t like and have them create a game for it make it more fun for the kiddos or choose a subject your chid is struggling with and create the game with your child.  Your child will be learning as you both are creating and you will likely narrow in on the areas he/she is having trouble with as you create the game rules.

Lightning’s completed board game, named Aquatic Adventure.

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