About a year ago I started a book club for my daughter and a few of her friends.  Five girls went to school, both private a public and my daughter and another girl were homeschooled.   Since then the other homeschooled girl is now in public school.  “Lightning” loved books and I wanted to encourage her love of reading so I e-mailed some parents I thought might be interested.  Everyone accepted and we started meeting once a month (we missed some months during holidays).  All the kids came and were super excited to be there; I would even get calls from the moms to find out when the next book club was as their child did not want to miss it.  

Our first book club I read the book to the kids and we then did a fun project related to the book.   Thereafter we tried a bunch of different options.   Initially, all the girls were reading at different levels so we kept the books to board books.  Since most of the moms saw each other regularly I would pick a book and we would pass it around or some would pick it up from the library.  As everyone’s reading progressed we moved onto chapter books.  One time I had everyone bring a book to share and the kids blindly picked their book to read out of bag.  Another time I had the kids run into “Lightning’s” room and borrow a book from her extensive book shelves.    We are still reading individual books considering the kid’s reading levels and interests are different.  We have also been fortunate to have read some books that had movies come out close in time to us reading the book and then we all went to the movie together (the Lorax and Oz, The Great and Powerful).  I will elaborate in later blogs what we did for each book.

Today I took a little different spin on book club.  “Lightning” enjoys comic books and we happened upon a comic book store with old comic books for 50 cents each.  “Lightning” stocked up and I bought a comic book for each kid.   I was able to get the comic book to some kids beforehand but not all.  Since everyone had not read their book I opted to have them read parts in another comic book.   I had pre-printed different comic book strip templates and let the kids choose which template they wanted.  I obtained the free templates at http://donnayoung.org/art/comics.htm.  They then each created their own “comic strip”.   The giggles that ensued were infectious and the moms were laughing with the kids.  Once completed they all had the opportunity to read and show their comic strip to the other kids.  The laughing and creativity were wonderful.  Some kids improvised a little with their comic strip, some wrote more and some drew more than wrote, but each one of them put work into their creation.  I think we made childhood memories tonight.  Our meeting lasted about an hour and half.   The girls voted to read An American Girl book of their choice for next book club and then a Disney themed book for the one thereafter.


Photo on 1-24-14 at 10.28 PM

Lightning’s comic strip.  Her first section depicted the comic book we read about  (Scamp and Dumbo were in the comic book), next was her depiction of one of the mom’s and her son and daughter.  We had cookies at book club so they were included.  Her remaining pictures are of the girls.  She felt her comic strip was a success as she got the most laughs.  🙂



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