Dinosaurs for Kids by Ken Ham

Last week I posted a review on the book, Life on Earth, which took us through the evolutionary belief of how life was created.  Today we are reviewing, Dinosaurs for Kids, by Ken Ham.  Ken Ham divides the era of dinosaurs into Seven Ages in his book.   He uses biblical references to support his position of when dinosaurs were first created up to when the first fossils were discovered to modern day.  This book is great for kids up to adults.  He uses illustrations of dinosaurs throughout the book and clearly describes various dinosaurs in the book.  He supports his position that the Bible explains how the world was created with both biblical and some scientific references.  What I do like about his book is that he also he presents the evolutionary theory of creation giving the reader an opportunity to see them side by side.

Lightning’s project for this book was to illustrate how the world was created by God.  Here is her illustration.  Her last picture is depicting God resting on a hammock; she said that is how she always envisions His day of rest.

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  1. Looks great. Skittles was just asking me this week about dinosaurs. I wll have to see if I can find a copy of this book form him.

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