Book Review – The Story of Life on Earth (Dinosaurs)

The Story of Life on Earth: Margaret Munro

We have decided to do a weekly book review at The Well Rounded Chid.  It may be a book we have read, our child has read or a book we are using to enhance our child’s education.   We hope to direct you to reading material worth reading.  The first book up is one I randomly checked out of the library.  We use Apologia for our science curriculum and we are currently reviewing dinosaurs.  Since this is such a large and fascinating topic for kids I thought we would dig deeper beyond our curriculum.  Lightning, of course, was elated.  When she was about 4 years old I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up….a dinosaur was her reply. I checked out of the library about 10 books on dinosaurs, but the one that we enjoyed the most was The Story of Life on Earth by Margaret Munro.  The illustrations are simplistic, but descriptive, with good use of color.  The information in the book is clear and concise offering a summary of each period defined.  The book is 62 pages with a summary of each era on the last 2 pages.  I thought this book was a great introduction to the theory of evolution without inundating you with scientific beliefs.   My 7 year old enjoyed the book and pictures.  I think any age would benefit from this book.  Obviously the older the child the more in depth you could get with the information in the book.  I had my daughter draw pictures of the “beings” that allegedly existed during each era. I attached her pictures below (she hasn’t added her color yet). For older children I would delve into the scientific basis for the various ice ages and the effects on life forms. I must be fair and tell you we are also reading Ken Ham’s Dinosaur for Kids, which “Lightning” is really enjoying. (I will post a review of that book next week.) I believe, regardless of our beliefs, you need to teach all information and then direct your child in what your beliefs are to give them a good basis for forming their own thoughts.  So far Ken Ham has done a good job in comparing biblical and scientific beliefs.  My daughter has formed her own beliefs, which fortunately are the same as ours, with all the information provided to her in all the material we have been covering.  Of course we have let her know our beliefs, but it was wonderful to watch her listen and question how certain  things happened and watch her own beliefs form.  0216142320a0216142320

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