“Whether or not you homeschool, books are an essential part of your child’s education, and will be offering plenty of resources here, including our Book Club. Click on Book Club under Books, and then check the sidebar for a list of book reviews.

Lightning is an avid reader.  Our goal is for her to read a book a week, regardless of the length, but whether or not this happens largely depends on what we have going on that week. I actually started a book club several years ago with Lightning and a few of her friends, including Nada’s two girls. She had made some good friends and they were all starting to select different extra-curricular activities. Only one was homeschooled (she has since been enrolled in the same school as Nada’s girls) and the others all attended different schools. My schedule was a bit overwhelming and I was trying to come up with a way to keep the friendships going and promote education. When we started book club some of the girls were really struggling readers and book club gave them an opportunity to work on reading skills while their friends helped them. I tried to have each child read a page in the book, but only if they wanted to try.  The more advanced readers, or the mom, would help them read their section. It was great to hear from the moms how the kids couldn’t wait to read their book for next book club and see their improvement.

There is not always a rhyme or reason to the books we pick to read.  It might be a book that Lightning saw in the library or I found while shelving books at the school library. (I recently signed Lightning up to take music and art through her zoned school and while she is in class I volunteer by assisting the teacher or shelving books in the library). This can be a dangerous thing as I want to take almost every book I touch home. There is a list of books, called Sunshine State, that is required reading in several of the schools, and kids are awarded points and treats for each book they read, so we are using that list for now. Each book is assigned points based on the difficulty level.  School libraries have the points listed right on the binder of the book, but if you aren’t using the school library you can go to and type in the name of the book and the points will be displayed (many books, but not all of them, are found in their database).

We have been rating each book with puppy paws, with four being the highest. We will also be adding quizzes, activities and ideas for starting a book club of your own. We hope you enjoy reading with us.” Jean

“My oldest was one of the struggling readers Jean mentioned above, and I credit book club with helping her discover the joy in reading. The competition, and seeing that her friends enjoyed reading, helped too. Now both of my girls are really improving as readers, and this makes me so happy. I grew up walking around with a book in my face, and indulging in a book has always been one of my favorite activities. We hope that you enjoy the resources, reviews and suggestions you’ll find here, and that they help you ignite a love for reading in your child.” Nada

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