So we went to Comicon, at least a mini-version of it here in Florida a few months ago. I had some apprehension about going, having never been before, so naturally I was worried if there were was going to be some inappropriate outfits there or some scary outfits as “The Walking Dead” were headlining.  I have never seen or read anything about The Walking Dead, but saw enough pictures to know they are scary looking.

My review is very vanilla.  There were no scary outfits while we were there, just the opposite, there were some very child friendly outfits. Lightning went as Katara from the Avatar cartoon, hubby wore a Sheldon T-shirt from The Big Bang Theory and I wore a Batmant tank dress/top with a yellow cape.  We saw Wolverine, Thor, Captain America, Foxes, Sponge Bob Square Pants characters, Batman, among a few others that we couldn’t identify.  There was nothing inappropriate about the event.  The Comicon we went to was called Toy and Comic Book Comicon.   There were some old and new toys to look at, as well as some old and new comic books to purchase.  We actually purchased a new comic book and met the author, who told me the comic was child-friendly.  Fortunately, I read almost everything before Lightning does.  The comic book seemed more appropriate for middle school/high school children considering the issues in the comic book dealt with with dating and  bullying.  At the conclusion of the comic book was another comic snippet that was not appropriate at all, and I mean at all.  I did let Lightning read the first one, which we of course discussed, but would not let her read the snippet.  There was another new comic book author there that I was interested in  as his comic books are biblically based.  Not being 100% convinced it was appropriate or that it aligned with our religious beliefs,  the creator offered to send me a PDF version of the comic book.  I never followed through on getting the PDF but will look for him at the next Comicon we attend.

We did leave with a Scooby-Doo matchbox car and some old Disney pins, along with two old comic books and the one new one I mentioned above.  There is another Comicon in November and I think we will try to go again,  but we are looking forward to go to some bigger ones in the future.


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