Countdown to Valentine’s Day – Day One

Countdown to Valentine’s Day – Day One.

 Buy some crafting paper and cut out hearts, about 6 inches – 8 inches.  (We bought our crafting paper at Hobby Lobby for $19.99 and received 50%, but if the paper is not on sale when you get there make sure to either print a 40% off coupon or pull up the coupon on your phone; the coupons are always valid.)  If you are having problems with cutting the heart out there are plenty of templates on–line.  We are doing two poems so you will need 4 hearts.  Hole punch holes around the heart.  On the backside of one heart have your child write a poem to a friend or family member for Valentine’s Day.  Once the poem is done take some string/ribbon and string through the holes, but before you seal up the heart place some candy inside so not only will the recipient receive an original poem, but some sweets too.  Tie a knot or bow to seal up the heart.


Photo on 2-9-14 at 9.45 PM 

Here is a smaller version of the heart.

 Here are some tips on how to write basic poetry. I am assuming this is one of the first times your child has written poetry, so let’s start simple with a rhyming poem.  They can rhyme the last word of every sentence, but to make it a little more interesting just rhyme the last word in every other sentence.  Have them write at least four sentences for each poem, but pick two different topics to write each poem.  Have the topics be about something your child knows, for example, tennis, soccer, stuffed animals, etc.  To assist your child with rhyming or similar words here are some helpful sites:

To find rhyming words you can have your kids go to or

For a thesaurus on-line you can go to or to help find similar words for your poem.

If you would like to take a more in-depth look at poetry visit Kenn Nesbitt’s  Thanks to him for the resources herein.


My daughter’s poem is:

Hay Miss Heart

Want to Make a chart

Let’s buy it in a cart

And lets name your pet Nart 




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