Countdown to Valentine’s Day – Day Four

Countdown to Valentine’s Day

Day Four.

Our Countdown to Valentine’s Day continues.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so no blog tomorrow. We have a rule in our house, no school-work on holidays.  Guess who created it…yep, Lightning.

So for our final day I decided to head into the arts and study an artist.  As a home schooler we sometimes slack on music and art education.  I believe this is mostly because not everyone has talent in those areas so they are harder to teach.  With the internet, arts and music become easier to tackle.  I love teaching Lightning all about the arts, particularly studying famous artists and she loves seeing all the different artwork.

This site,, has summaries about various artists.  The link will bring you to the artist Picasso as he is one artist we have dabbled in studying about, but we never had time to make a collage, mimicking his Cubism and Collage period.   Quick summary on cubism is showing your model from many different view points on one painting.  Collage is adding different forms to the artwork, such as paper, ribbons, etc. I have attached below a picture from his Cubism and Collage period.

I originally was planning on restricting “Lightning” to just use hearts to make a picture that is not a heart, however, I decided to let her creative juices flow and create whatever she wanted.  I found bunches of cubism examples on Pinterest   and through a search of the Internet, plus I review the concept of and explained collages to her.  I gave her drawing paper, magic markers and pastels.  I dropped her off to my father-in-laws after viewing some of pictures with her I found on-line and let her create while I was at work.  When I came home this is what she made:


I never expected such a great piece of artwork.  She did great.  She didn’t exactly show her artwork from different angles or use different forms to create her artwork, but she did what she saw as Picasso.  Next time we will follow the rules a little more, but I believe with art, don’t be so stringent that they have to stay in the lines.  If everyone drew within the lines we wouldn’t be where we are today and I might be blogging on a cave wall.

The kids can also go on-line at to create their own on-line Picasso.

Here are some Picasso paintings:



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