We have been invited to throw a DisneySide Celebration party by no other than the man with the ears…Mickey Mouse.  We were provided decorations, cups, plates, napkins, some goodie bag treats, Disney inspired cookie cutters and HP photo smart paper for pictures among other goodies.

We decided to incorporate our Disney side party with our book club.  All the Lil’ Women Book Club members were asked to read Disney books.  At each book club each child gives an oral report about their book and tells us why they did or did not enjoy their book.  This time we had them all share their favorite Disney book.

To prepare for the party we considered picking a specific theme, but could not decide between all the wonderful themes considering all the kids all had varied interests, so we went with a few.  We opted to have different stations:  Princess, Monster University, Dumbo and Disney Character.  Each station had a food item and a craft.  The activities are on our Pinterest board at:


To get ready for the party we first created our shopping list:

Dumbo station:

            Blue tablecloth

            Popcorn bags

            Popcorn machine (had this in the house)           

            Popcorn (had in the house)

            Craft paper – need gray, pink and yellow

                        Activity:  Make Dumbo with hearts

Princess Station

            Pink tablecloth




            Cheese – String and Swiss

            Sliced almonds – I opted for sunflower seeds due to allergies

            Watermelon and blueberries

                        Activity:  Brave Activity Book

Monster station

            Blue tablecloth

            Ice cream sugar cones

            Melting chocolate


            Ice cream

                        Activity:  Find monsters hidden around house tapped to the wall

Character station

            Mickey tablecloth (provided)

            Frozen Fruit

            Vanilla yogurt and strawberry yogurt


            Craft paper


Activity:  Make paper airplanes and book marks


My go-to store for hobby necessities is Hobby Lobby.  It is typically a one-stop shopping center for me, plus you always get 40% off one item per person. If I have Lightning with me, which I usually do, we get 2 items at 40% off.  It makes her feel like a big girl to buy her own item and use her coupon code (available on your smart phone or you can print a coupon).

The first thing we did was have all the kids, with their mom’s permission, tell us their Disney Side on video.  (Stay tuned for their cute commentaries.  We will be posting them soon.)   Next we taped the names of different Disney characters to their backs.  The kids then had to go around the room and ask each other or the adults questions to try to figure out who they were.  Once they figured it out they needed to find their matching stuffed animal placed around the house.  

The kids then moved onto the Monster U. station.  At this station they had to  find cut-outs of characters from Monster U. hidden around the house.  We then sat down to make their I-Scream cone.  I already had wax paper pieces at each seat with the place mat provided by Disney.  We melted chocolate and had the kids dip the tops of their cones into the melted chocolate.  Sprinkles were poured onto a plate and the kids then decorated their cones with the sprinkles.  Once finished the cones were placed down on the wax paper to dry and the kids moved on to the Character Station.  While some kids make their smoothies, with dad’s help, the others cut out their paper airplanes and made their bookmarks (notice the subtle tie-in to book club). 

The Princess station was next.  We used the cookie cutters provided to cut out Disney-shaped watermelon slices.  The kids made their Princess Wands using skewers, blueberries, grapes and their watermelon topper.  The kids began reporting on their books for book club while we served up ice cream in their own decorated cones. 

The books the kids reported on ranged from Lady and the Tramp, to the Never Land Girls, Peter Pan and Silver Mist.  The kids then worked on their Brave Activity Books and once they were done they moved on to the Dumbo station to make their own popcorn.  While eating popcorn they also worked on their Dumbo craft.  The kids had a ball and could not wait to move onto the next station.  The party was a huge success.

Thanks MomSelect and Disney for allowing the Lil’ Women Book Club to show its DisneySide. #DisneySide

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