Have you made the big decision to homeschool?  Are you really going to do it?  If yes, let’s talk about your first step and your Notice of Intent to Homeschool.

If you are planning to homeschool you must notify the Superintendent of Schools of your intent to homeschool.  If your child is already enrolled in school you will need to withdraw your child from school.  Contact your child’s school to inquire what the school needs from you to withdraw your child.  It should just be a simple letter from you informing them of your plan to withdraw your chid.

Your letter just needs to be simple informing the county of your intent to homeschool.  You do not need to give a reason why are electing to homeschool.  I am of the belief you provide only what is minimally required of you.  I have attached a similar letter that I have used for your guidance.  Feel free to print and use the letter or re-type and make any changes you would like.


I have also provided a link to another Letter of Intent to Homeschool provided by the FPEA (Florida Parent Educator’s Association).  The letters are pretty similar, but if you are like me you probably need to see more than one sample.


Once you send your letter in you will then be mailed a letter acknowledging your intent to homeschool.  The letter will also include your child’s evaluation date.  This is the date you must submit your annual evaluation by.  I strongly recommend sending everything certified mail so you can keep track of all your paperwork you submit.  This recommendation is not only for your initial letter but for your yearly evaluations too.


Disclaimer:  The forms provided on this site are only suggested forms and comply with the Florida requirements.  Other states may require additional information in your letter.  Feel free to modify the letter to suit your state’s needs.


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