Eleven Pipers Piping and Twelve Drummers Drumming

Day 11 and 12 – Eleven Pipers Piping and Twelve Drummers Drumming

OK, so I cheated a little on this one by combining them but I had to, they are both musical instruments and as a homeschool if you can tackle two topics in one lessons…..AWESOME.

I, as a child, OK and as an adult, always have problems identifying instruments.  What is the difference between the flute, trombone and clarinet,  the English Horn and the French Horn.  I can go on with my confusion.  However, I have found out that separating them into the type of instruments they are does make it easier to learn…or at least guess at which instrument is which.

So the basic instruments are Keyboard, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion and Strings.  Strings being the most obvious of course.  At www.dsokids.com you can have the kids listen to the instruments by sound.  Pretty cool.  Each instrument also has a summary of the instrument.

At http://englishwilleasy.com/english-through-pictures/things-english-through-pictures/musical-instruments-2/ the are several instruments listed with their matching pictures.  I cut out pictures of different instruments and had  “Lightning” match the instrument to its name; she enjoyed the little game and actually  learned the differences between the instruments.  Some colleges, particularly music colleges, might have days where the kids can come on in and try out all the instruments.  We attended one and this give “Lightning”  the desire to learn to play an instrument and really learn the differences between the instruments.  So don’t forget to give any colleges around you a call to see if they offer this program or an Orff type program.

The religious meaning behind Day 11 and 12 is believed to be the 11 faithful Apostles who did not betray Jesus and the 12th day is the basic beliefs of the Catholic Church as found in the Apostle’s Creed.  If you choose to go this route remembering the Apostle’s Creed would be a great exercise.  Have the child write the creed or recite it to you after practicing memorizing it.


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