Halloween and a Visit from the Tooth Fairy

So my little one decided this year that she wanted to be a fox for Halloween.  If you haven’t yet seen the You Tube video “What does a fox say?”, go take a peek…pretty cute. Hence the fox idea.  Now every other kid might let their mom buy them a costume, but not mine.  She wants to make it, partially because the fox costumes we did see for sale were dresses and that just did not make sense to my little one.  Hobby Lobby became my best friend for this costume.  Yarn, felt, needles and fur followed by stolen moments over the weeks leading up to Halloween to sew here and there.  It was all worth it when she won most original costume at a Halloween costume party.  Now I always take off Halloween.  In the past we had little parties or went trick-or-treating all over visiting relatives early in the day.  Now my little one enjoys dressing up all the time, Halloween is just the day everyone joins her.  This year we decided to visit Cattyshack Ranch in Jacksonville, Fl.  Since she was dressed as a fox we went to look at big cats, including an artic fox, mountain lion, lion and tigers.  Then back home for trick or treating with friends and handing out candy.

Interesting idea my sister heard on the Ellen Degeneres show I had to share.  I think my daughter likes the idea.  Let your child eat one piece of candy from their Halloween stash, if they agree to not eat any more they get to pick a gift instead.  As far as the gift limit, you set your own parameters. I think about $20.00 is a good sum – filling a cavity costs a lot more.  An added plus is Halloween fun can last even longer as your child decides on a special gift.

The dentists in our area offer the kids a buy back program.  If you “sell” them your candy they will pay you a buck per pound.  Another good option to curve those candy munchies.  

Had to share some personal news with you…my little one lost a tooth.  She is determined to discover    who the tooth fairy is so she has taken to booby trapping her room by taping yarn criss-cross to her door to ensure I can’t sneak in her room.  She then wrote a letter to the tooth-fairy asking for a self-portrait and if she would be her pen pal.  The tooth fairy had to step it up for this kiddo.   She left her an origami heart made from a $10 bill, a letter and a self-portrait.  If you are interested in learning how to make origami hearts, you can check out this video on YouTube, Origami Heart.  

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