Lightning’s piano teacher had her recent piano lesson on the farm.  Weird, I know, but her piano teacher happens to live on a farm and my friend asked him if we could come visit.  In preparation we decided to make a lapbook for our visit to the farm.  The piano teacher shared with me all the animals on the farm so the girls could be ready for their tour.   The following animals live at the farm:

Teacup pigs

Nigerian dwarf goats

Silky chickens

Rhode island red chickens

Polish rooster

Muscovy ducks



Double mane lion head bunnies

Flemish giants

Holland Lop ear bunnies

New Zealand White


To make the lapbook I download Free On the Farm Notebooking pages found at

I selected the pages that were most appropriate for the animals that lived on the farm.  Next I did a little research on-line to determine appropriate questions for each animal.  Since her friend was joining us I made a lapbook for each one of them.  My friend was in charge of helping them answer the questions and decorate their book.  I had to run to work but was able to meet them at the farm.


The kids had a ball and my mom friend quizzed them on their books as they visited each animal.  They were able to assist in catching a teacup pig, hold a chicken and visit all the animals on the farm.  They weren’t even afraid of the many spiders we encountered.  Both girls left their trip wanting to live on a farm.  I love unique learning opportunities.




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