Fly-In Fox Tales by Marian Strong Tomblin

I don’t normally get to review a book where I have actually met the author of the book, but this time I did.  Marian Strong Tomblin is an absolutely wonderful lady, the kind of person you just want to sit and chat with for hours.  If you met her you would want to read her book; she is just so interesting.  OK, enough about her, more about her book.  This is just one of several books that Marian has published, all of them taking place in Volusia County, in Central Florida.  She resides in the area and thought it would be great to have a book for local school kids to relate to and other kids to enjoy whether they are just visiting the area or want a good read.

fox tales cover-2


Rico is a young boy who lives with his family and Kit is a young fox who lives with his mother and siblings.  Both are forced to flee from their homes as fires approach. Fires are not completely uncommon in Florida when there has not been any rain and there are hot dry conditions.  Living in Florida and hearing of fires does not shock the locals, but the devastation it can leave behind one will never get used to, just like the hurricanes in Florida. Both families must escape the fires and find new homes.  What I loved about this book is the comparisons made by the author of the experiences of Rico and Kit as they explore their new residences. Rico goes exploring and finds a mysterious man paddling down the creek and tries to discover who he is, while Kit also goes exploring and also finds this mysterious man. Who is this man and can he be trusted, especially when Rico’s sister is hurt and he is the only one around to help her? The resulting story is a great read for kids and parents alike.

This book makes a great addition to your homeschool curriculum, especially with the accompanying support materials created by the author herself, including worksheets and a tour of the book’s setting.

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