Welcome to our Freebies page.  We want to make your educational journey as fun and easy as possible.  There are so many sites out there that have free printables, free charts, free curriculum, free lap book templates, free templates and so much more. We will offer printables that are relevant to a specific post, an activity, book club or travel. These posts might also appear elsewhere when connected with a post, but we have also included them here, alphabetically, for easy reference. Neither of us specialize in creating forms, although we are improving. We emphasize functionality over form, but we try to make things pretty, when we can. We hope you enjoy these printables, and if there is something that you would like to see us create, please let us know.

BOOK CLUB FOR KIDS 101 – We have created an outline of what you need to start your own book club for kids.  We have provided our outline for a few books, provided an outline for the members of book club for their presentations and some ideas for crafts.

HOMESCHOOL USING THE SUPER BOWL – Part of homeschooling is to using every day  events in different way.  i love looking at the Super Bowl as a learning opportunity.  you can study where each time is from, statistics, cultures and so much more by just looking at the teams roster.  Have your child write a paper one why the winer won or the loser lost.  If you have more than one child have them debate a controversial call during the game.

THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GOOD DEED CHART – During the holidays we see so many people in need, here is a list your kids can use to keep track of their good deeds during the holiday season or at any time.  I believe if they take note of their actions and receive positive feedback, they will continue with this good behavior.

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