Already been a busy morning.  Been to the Vet, scheduled dog for surgery next Tuesday, “Lightning” shattered the IPAD glass when it fell out of her hand by accident (and it was in the case), work calls and texts completed and work letters drafted and ready for mail.  “Lightning” sensing not the best morning started her school work without me and then brought me over this picture.  What a great kid I have.

Mommy this is you



and this is daddy



if you are feeling sad you can just open it up and see that you and daddy love each other and are one heart.



I just love my kid and who she is becoming.  

We are now watching Madeline on You Tube for her English assignment.  We are learning about different cultures and will be comparing the children in the movie with children in America.  Great idea from her Literature book, Learning Language Arts Through Literature, The Yellow Book, is to cut out pictures of children from magazines and catalogs and create a collage, then create two lists to compare similarities and differences between you and the children in the pictures.  Finally, I am going to have her pick a location (might direct her towards France since this is where Madeline takes place) from her book, Children Just Like Me, and write a paragraph on the likeness and differences of her life and the life of the child in the book.  If you don’t have this book in your library I highly suggest it.  “Lightning” enjoys flipping through the book on her own and just reading about children in different places.  I use this book for reference for her too when learning about a new country and I have also used this book when I taught a class, Traveling the Globe, at one of our coops.  The children all loved looking at the pictures of other children, how they dressed and pictures of their homes.



If traveling to France  here are some great ideas to do with kids:

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