About Us – Homeschooler and the Wannabee

Jean: Boring, boring, boring….that is me.  I am a lawyer.  After years of practicing law I transitioned into mediation and enjoy what I do.  I still practice some law … I handle adoptions and get to participate in seeing families made.  The best part of my day is homeschooling.  I have a beautiful 7 year old girl (who wants to be referred to as “Lightning” on the blog), husband of 14 years, a 19 year old tripod dog named Bailey and a 16 1/2 year old dog named Prancer.

Nada: Jean is not boring. If she were boring, I wouldn’t hang out with her, unless I too were boring. And clearly that’s impossible. Look at my pink writing…

Since I work for myself I get to set my hours.  I try to only work three days a week.  I still homeschool on the days I work but remain flexible based on my schedule and my daughter’s day and her schedule of activities.  We are NOT the unsocialized homeschooler you hear about.  Just today we started our day with literature and then math, an emergency run to the vet, lunch with my daughter’s friend at her school, back home to finish literature, a playdate with another friend (who goes to school), off to soccer practice (she is on the same team as two of her friends that attend school) and finally to a birthday party.  We planned to finish up the day with science, but my daughter was hurt at the party so we came home and had some TV time before passing out asleep.

Nada: Zzzz…. I too passed out asleep. What a full day. Knocked me out just reading about it!

Jean: Yesterday was all about homeschool friends.  First we covered math, literature and social studies, then she Skyped with her Spanish teacher in Guatamela (we will talk more about that).  We were now ready to go to a birthday party for a homeschooled friend, back home to wrap up social studies and off again to a dress up like a superhero for an event at Chick-Fil-A (we are vegetarians by the way) with homeschool friends.  Pheona’s now going to meet dad at the tennis court for some daddy/daughter time while I head off to Bible study.

Nada: Okay, my day is nothing like that… I am a fashion stylist and columnist and blogger, but I am also very active in the community. I serve as the President Elect of the Junior League of Daytona Beach, and often speak to schools and other organizations about fashion. Most of my days are spent either scrambling to make a deadline or helping a client with shopping or a closet overhaul. My girls, Eva, 5, and Lola, 7, are my world. I also have an amazing husband of 12 years and a Maltese, Hugs, who is 11.

Our schedule is much more rigid, which is odd because I never thought of myself as a particularly structured person, but having kids in school will do that to you. Some activities are just fixed, and my girls have always had regular, early bedtimes (7 and 7:30). Last year, we were at a private school, which we adored, but sadly it closed a few days before the school year started so now I am navigating the world of public school and Common Core for the first time with a kindergartener and a second grader. The girls have adjusted beautifully, but I am still figuring things out!

Usually, we like to have one day on and one day off from activities… we try not to overschedule. I strongly believe that kids should have lots of free time, and since mine spend most of their day in school, I make sure that after school includes plenty of playtime. Still, some days get out of control. A recent Wednesday had us running from Early Release to an American Girl club at the library to Eva’s Children’s Music Theater class at the other end of town, and then to meet our dear friends, who babysat so that I could host a girl’s night out at a local independent movie theater. Finally I went home to edit pages for my magazine spread before collapsing into bed. 

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