Can you homeschool using the Superbowl?


Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks


Can you homeschool using the Superbowl?  So the Big Day is almost here and if you have a football fan at home, you know homeschooling is out the window… or is it?


How can you turn the Super Bowl into school fun?

First things first, let’s start the kiddos with learning about the states that the teams are playing from and the state where the game will be played.


Seattle, Washington

Denver, Colorado

New Jersey

Pre-Super Bowl

First let’s find them on the map. (Geography/Social Studies)

Calculate the Distance they will be traveling to the game and compare which team will be traveling the furthest.  If you have an older child you may want them to plan out the shortest route on highways using a map with highway information.  You can find one at (Math/Maps)

Learn about the state.  Go to the library and check out books on each state or do internet searches. I like to combine the two. (History, English, Science)

List 3 reasons to travel to each state

List 1 reason this state is important in our history

Find the date this state became part of the US

Learn about the weather in each state and calculate distance from the equator to determine what or why the weather is what it is(Science/Math)

List 2 things you would want to see if you visited each state

Find a famous person from each state.  Hint:  Can be their favorite football player.

Write a paper on any of the following topics: (History/English)

Biography of the famous person you choose

Interesting facts about any of the states, historical or current

Why you would or would not want to visit any of the states


Research the history of the Super Bowl – Write a short history about the Super Bowl and it’s impact on US culture.  For older kids can really delve into this topic about why Americans are so obsessed with football and the pros and cons of America’s obsession. (History/English)

If your child is not a football fan, maybe learn about football.  Encourage your child even though we are not a fan of something doesn’t mean it is not a good idea to learn about it and understand it. .(History/English)


GAME DAY:  Let them enjoy the day and game!  This is first and foremost


Keep statistics on a player from each team on their plays on the field to compare after the game.  Predict who you will think will have a better game and why.  You can also have your sport enthusiast give a report before or after the game on why they think Denver/Settle lost or won. (Math, English)

Pick your favorite TV advertisement and worst TV advertisement.  Tell why orally or in writing.  For the worst TV advertisement prepare a better own.  (Art)

Be the sports commentator. If you are able let your child be the commentator for 30 seconds to one minute at each commercial summarizing what occurred and maybe even give predictions.  (English)

You can also throw some home economics into game day or pre-game day and do some cooking.  If you are having people over or even preparing snacks for family watching the game, let the kiddos help and plan the snacks.  This is a great way for them to learn to follow recipes and learn about measurements.  Most Math without even knowing they are learning.  If your child enjoys the kitchen, let them make up their own recipe (with your supervision so you don’t wind up with maple syrup French fries covered in ice cream, hot fudge and Doritos) and write it out to add to your recipe folder for future use.  They will be able to learn how to abbreviate measurements and how to accurately write directions.  (Home Economics, Math, English)

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