Four Great Activities for July 4

  1. Create your own flag for the USA.
  2. Compose a national anthem.
  3. Select an emblem for the United States.
  4. Ideas to celebrate our freedom.


1)   Create a flag for the United States of America.  Have your kids look at other flags from countries around the world.  Make sure you explain to them what the colors of our flag symbolize.  Lightning is working on hers as I type.  Will post later.


When the flag was first adopted in 1777 the colors had no meaning, however the colors in the Great Seal did.  White signifies purity, red signifies valour and blue is the color of the Chief standing for vigilance, perserverance and justice according to


2)   Compose a national anthem for our country.   Francis Scott Key wrote “The Star Spangled Banner”, which was originally written as a poem in 1884.


Trivia tidbit: Key was actually a lawyer.


“The Star Spangled Banner” became our national anthem in 1931 under the presidency of President Woodrow Wilson.


3)   Select an emblem of the United States, that is not the bald eagle.  If any of the kids cannot think of a different emblem have them tell you why they would have picked the bald eagle.


According to the eagle was chosen for a few reasons.  The first reason given was the freedom exemplified by the eagle in its ability to fly so high.  Another reason cited is the belief that during one of the first battles of the American Revolution the eagle was awoken and its shrieks were said to be shrieks of freedom.  The final reason cited was at that time it was believed the eagle only existed on this continent.  Personally, I like all the reasons.


4)   Ideas to celebrate July 4.  Ask your kids how they would honor the freedoms we have in our country on July 4.  What freedoms do they believe everyone should enjoy today ( I am sure Lightning is going to say be free to eat all the ice cream you want).

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