Lighting received a three month subscription to KiwiCrate for Christmas.  I was excited about this new find.  Lightning is always looking to build or create something.  She has more ideas on things to build and her mind is constantly going so I thought this would be a great outlet.  If you are not familiar with KiwiCrate it is a box of activities that will be delivered directly to your home.  You have the option of 4 difference types of crates based on age.  The crates come with all the materials you need to complete the project.

Lightning’s first box was a generator for her to build.   With a little help from dad she successfully built this one; she said it was really fun.  Box #2 was a disappointment however.  In this box you were to create your own movie machine.  Now it wasn’t that this activity was disappointing it was that it wasn’t unique.  Lightning also received Goldie Blox for Christmas, the Movie Machine; same project, but parts were a little better in the KiwiCrate.  I was hoping for something a little different and more creative in the activities from KiwiCrate.  She completed this activity in about 15 minutes.

We received Box #3 and despite the dog deciding to chew on the box before we got home, all parts were intact. The last box is all about hydraulics.  She is excited to start this one, but it definitely seems more complex.  I am also excited about this one as I think she will really understand the concept of  hydraulics from this crate.  Each crate arrives with instructions and a small book explaining the “how” of your project.  Despite the disappointing Box #2 I do believe we will purchase KiwCrate again in the future, however, I hope they improve the site and let you elect which crates you would like to receive (we could have avoided a duplicate project).  In all fairness to KiwiCrate, I did not contact then and ask if we could exchange the project.  I did try to select the crates when I first ordered, but did not find that option available.

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