Last Day in California – JapanTown, Vermont Street, Full House, Coit Tower

IMG_5126   California – Day 7 – JapanTown, Vermont Street, Full House, Painted Ladies, Coit Tower and home

Today was catch up day.  We checked out the hotel early, finally grabbed the car and we were off to visit all the sites we still wanted to see.

First stop is Japantown, we didn’t even get out of the car as there was nothing remarkable about the stores.  I would have like to have seen the gardens, but we did not have time.  Next we visited Vermont Street.  Vermont Street is actually listed as the crookedest street in the world so off we went to find it,  Weirdly so, no one was there but us so we drove down the windy sharp turns and then off to Coif Tower.


Coif Tower sits atop Telegraph Hill and was built in memoriam of Lillan Coif.  The views from Coif tower are spectacular as you see most of San Francisco from above.  Inside Coit tower are beautiful murals mostly completed in a fresco.  We only walked around the bottom level of the tower since we were short on time.  Next we headed to see the house at the opening credits of Full House.  We did this mostly because Lightning’s friend really likes the show.  From there we went to see  “The Painted Ladies”. There are a row of pretty vicotrian houses, but if you have ever been to Savannah, they are similar.  The park in front o fthe houses and The Painted Ladies are also in the opening credits of Full House.

Full House house
Painted Ladies
Coif Tower
Inside of Coif Tower

We never made it to the steepest street, but one of the streets we were on was so steep you couldn’t even see the road in front of us.  I can’t imagine how much steeper the steepest street is.

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