When Life Gives You O.J. by Erica S. Perl


When Life Gives You O.J. by Erica S. Perl was one of the books Lighting and I were looking forward to reading on the Florida Sunshine Reader list as it was clearly about a dog and we are dog people.  Not only was this book about a dog, it was also about a relationship between a grandchild and her grandfather and I loved it.  I was super close with both my grandmothers and cherish every memory I have.  I strongly encourage Lightning to have strong relationships with her grandparents as the wisdom, knowledge and unending spirit you get from them will always be with you.  I loved this book sit opened up children’s eyes to the potential of seeing any amazing person, with great knowledge in a grandparent. The story is based around 10 year old Zelly’s strong desire to have a dog.  Her parents are not on board with her plans to adopt a dog, however, her grandfather, Ace, has an idea.  He tells her you have to show them how much you want and dog and that you would be responsible for caring for a dog by first having “a practice dog”.  Zelly learns about true friendship along the way and starts to realize, that maybe, just maybe, her grandfather’s plan is not that crazy.

Here is the official book trailer.


This is a definite book club book for me.  The book club members are all ready any books from the Sunshine State Reader list from any year.  Since I am reading all the ones for this year it should be easy enough for me to come up with book club ideas for each meeting.  I happen to know at least 2 members are reading this book.

I am collecting OJ containers, milk containers, juice containers, well you get the idea, for each book club member.  I am going to have each child use their container to create their own desired pet and then share with the other members what they would need to do with their pet to convince their parents they were ready to care for their chosen pet on their own.  I can’t wait to see the wild choices that are chosen.  I plan on having ribbon on hand or some type of string for them to also make leashes for their “pets”.  I will post pictures of their finished “pets”.

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