Magic Marks the Spot by Caroline Carlson

magicmarksthe spot


Magic Marks the Spot

Hilary just wants to be a pirate and she is qualified but for one little thing….SHE’S A GIRL.  The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates will not let her in and her father is sending her to finishing school, the last place Hilary want to go.  A magic gargoyle and a new friend help Hilary sneak out of finishing school and start on her quest to become a pirate.  Having spotted an ad for pirates Hilary rushes to seek a spot on the Pigeon, a real pirate ship.

Hilary believes something is amiss in the town of Augusta as magical items appear, messages are delivered to ships within hours, pirates grow beautiful gardens and the girls at the finishing school are taken to sea by Ms. Pimm, the owner of the finishing school.

Hilary soon realizes magic is at risk and is up to her and the pirates on the Pigeon to keep magic out of the wrong hands.  This book is sure to entertain any pirate fan…and even those that are not.

After reading this book a treasure/scavenger hunt sure is surely called for by the reader.  I have prepared a Scavenger Hunt based on some references from the book.  You will likely have to make an “X” for the kiddos to find unless you happen to have an “X” somewhere in your house.

Magic Marks the Spot


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