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We have been using Teaching Textbooks for Lightning’s Math this past year.  If you haven’t heard of this curriculum you can go to their website, www.teachingtextbooks.com, and have your child take a placement exam to see what level would be appropriate for him/her and test out the curriculum.  What I like about this curriculum is your child receives instruction via CD’s and can either complete the assignment on the computer or in the hard copy of the material provided, which also has written instructions.  After a few lessons there are quizzes and bonus rounds.  The bonus rounds are timed to help your child with their proficiency.  If you get an answer wrong while completing the lessons on your computer you are then prompted to try it again or see how to do it.  Instruction is provided both verbally and in writing.  Each lesson begins with a short verbal lecture that is written on the computer screen and five practice problems.  At the end of each lesson a grade is placed in the grade book accessed via CD.  Progress is kept for you in a teacher grade book also. What I also like about this curriculum is that they are constantly reinforcing lessons you learned previously.  Each lesson does not just focus on the new material, but has you also complete problems from prior lessons.

I like this curriculum, however although I did have to supplement such. I believe it is because Lightning placed too high on the placement exam. She placed in Math 4, which technically is 4th grade math and she is only 2nd grade.  Around lesson 50 we stopped and I had her practicing more addition and subtraction before we progressed fully into multiplication.  I believe she needed more practice with addition and subtraction to fully understand and progress in multiplication.  I also had her and I still have her practice her math skills daily at XtraMath.org.  It only takes about 10 minutes, but it has done wonders for her in proficiency. (P.S. it is free too).  I am happy with Teaching Textbooks, but Lightning is not.  She actually was with me when we selected the curriculum and was thrilled with it (we used Bob Jones before and she did not like that) however, over time has said she doesn’t like it anymore (she seems to be coming around though as we are moving onto Geometry and she is enjoying that).  I think it is just because she is frustrated with math.  Lightning does not struggle with much, but math is sometimes an issue for her and I think that is why she is frustrated with any curriculum we select.

I have also recently be supplementing her math with Greg TangMath.com, which is common core based.  She seems to like the worksheets that I found online, which are also free.  This supplement isn’t really necessary, however, I just like to shake it up a little with her so she doesn’t get bored with the same curriculum day after day.  I call them “light days” when we go off course and don’t follow her curriculum on that day.

P.S.  I also liked Bob Jones’ math curriculum, however I did not think there was a lot of instruction provided in the work book.   I did not purchase the teacher’s guide when I bought this curriculum feeling I could handle 2nd grade math, however, I think the instruction that was likely in the teacher guide might have helped me to explain things to Lightning. Sometimes we forget that what is easy to us and second nature is like building a space ship for our kids.


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  1. If you go on some homeschool forums they will tell you this curriculum is behind grade level. I don’t agree with them what-so-ever. I didn’t do a placement test for my youngest, but I knew he could test into the higher math. I let him start with Math 3 in 3rd grade. Some of it is easy, but I knew he needed the fact practice. The best math program and level is the one that works the best for the child. I’ve learned that over the years. Go with your gut. Others can make recommendations, but only you can make the best decision for your kids.

    Even if you start Math 3 of teaching textbooks a year later, you still have time to get through the high school sequence before enrolling in concurrent enrollment or duel enrollment for College Algebra or Calculus. You can still be prepped for SAT and ACT. Why rush things? It doesn’t always have to be a struggle. In fact, this is what killed my love of math in school.

    We used Saxon Math for my oldest. He prefers Saxon over other math programs. I took the Bluedorn’s advise about giving them a math chart for basic facts and letting them look at it while doing math. He has all his math facts memorized now. If happened over the years, so they are stored permanently in his memory. We didn’t use any flash cards. Just math worksheets from Saxon. We didn’t even use all the fact practice sheets every year.

    There is no perfect math curricula. The one that makes your children love math is the perfect match for them.

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