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Been a busy week at our household.  I know I mentioned in my introduction we have two dogs, Bailey the 19 year old tripod and Prancer my 16 year old beauty.  Well, having  senior dogs comes with many ups and downs and that is what this week has been.  Bailey has had a multitude of issues that has required several trips to the our vet.  Those trips have resulted in Bailey being diagnosed as being in kidney failure; Prancer was diagnosed with the same about two months ago.   Basically we have special diets for both dogs and get to visit our vet weekly for IV fluids for Prancer, not sure yet if we will have to do the same with Bailey.   I have had Bailey since he was 5 weeks old, having adopted him 3 weeks too early from a not so reputable location that separated him from his mom 3 weeks too early (which I did not realize until a trip to the vet, but I would not bring him back to him as I did not believe they would return him to his mom and to me in 3 weeks).  He obviously did just fine, but I am his mama.  Prancer we adopted from the local Humane Society about 15 ½ years ago; she was about nine months old when we rescued her.

Bailey and Prancer

Aside from our doggie issues we accomplished our Math, English, Science and Social Studies curriculum this week.  In Science we have been candling (yep, you put a candle under our egg) a hard-boiled egg monitoring the changes to the egg cell.  We then went to  our “science play date” where the kids made their own chicks hatching from an eggshell.  Our “science play date”, which meets once every other week, is with a few other families. We meet at one of the mom’s homes  and a short lesson is provided along with an activity for the kids.  We all are using  Apologia Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day for our science curriculum so the lesson follows this curriculum.

Bird nest made from straw, bird painted like a patoo, egg used for candling and bird hatching from egg
Bird nest made from straw, bird painted like a patoo, egg used for candling and bird hatching from egg

In Social Studies we are studying American history.  We are covering the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln.  We have made a small “Abe Lincoln” hat, directions for the hat can be found at enchantedlearning.com.  We will likely make a bigger one since my daughter is somewhat obsessed with Lincoln’s hat.  She continues to walk around the house with a hat on and put notes under it so when I ask her something she has to check her notes like Lincoln did.

Bailey in Abe Lincoln hatAbe hat

In honor of Thanksgiving our “Science play date” group had a Thanksgiving Dinner.  We had the kids dress up as Pilgrims and Indians.  To make our Indian attire we used an old tan shirt of my husband’s.  We fringed the arms and bottom of the shirt and then my daughter used markers around the neckline and fringe to add her “Indian” designs.  We had a belt from another costume that we used and fortunately we had an Indian headdress with feathers from an Indian Festival we attended a few years ago.  My husband and daughter made a tomahawk from wood and bamboo with materials found around the house to complete the outfit.Black leggings and black espadrilles completed the outfit.

The book “Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving” by Laurie Anderson, was read at our Thanksgiving Dinner.

The kids learned that Sarah Hale, who wrote “Mary Had a Little Lamb”,  was the person who wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln and asked him to make Thanksgiving a National holiday, which he did.


Ax/tomahawkIndian outfit

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