New York, New York – Learning all about NY

New York, New York – The Educational Preparation

If you have been following the blog you know we are planning a trip to NYC and that prior to going we have been learning all about New York.  I have compiled a list of books and resources in preparation of our trip.

NY books
NY books

We started off reading the two books titled New York.  I wanted Lightning to learn all about New York even though we are spending our time solely in NY, however we are thinking about heading back to New York in the summer and heading up to the Adirondacks.  Both books offer a history of New York and break down New York by regions to give you an overview of the state.

Although we have already talked about the events of September 11th and covered it in our history curriculum I felt it necessary to review it again before we left.  Although we checked out two books from the library after we read the book, September 11th, Then and Now, I felt she had been exposed to enough at this point to the events of that day and those leading up to it. Lightning decided on her own to read the other book.

Since we were going to see the Statute of Liberty I absolutely felt we needed to learn the history of the Statute.  Liberty was a great book on this topic, it was simple, clear and thorough.  Since the Statute of Liberty is a National Monument I also printed out and had Lighting complete the Junior Ranger Activity Book.  Normally we complete the books at the site but since we are going with other people I didn’t want to hold them up so she did a much as she could without being there.   If you are able to find a ranger when you are there they will sometimes swear the kids in, give them a pin or badge or some other trinket from the site. Lightning is always excited with whatever she receives, even if it is just being congratulated by the Ranger  If you are going to visit the Statute while you are there make sure you order tickets online before you get there because they can sell out.

Here are some great lessons provided by the park service.

Finally we covered the Empire State building.  This wound up being a perfect selection, which I found out while reading the book.  Apparently the Empire State Building is built on the former site of the Waldorf, where we happen to be staying. It was a great tie in to our trip and interesting to Lightning. Here is the official site for the Empire State Building.

To purchase tickets order here.

Book List

New York by the Capstone Press

It’s My state! New York by Dan Elish

September 11 Then and Now by Peter Benoit

Terrorist Attacks, The Attacks on the World Trade Center by Carolyn Gard

Empire State Building by Eizabeth Mann

Liberty by Lynn Curlee

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