photo-of-NYC-Statue-of-Liberty1-300x182New York, New York

Why is it whenever I am planning on going away it is the busiest, and I mean busiest time of my life?  I do not understand why I feel I have to balance my checkbook, clean my closet, organize my kitchen cabinets, I think you get the idea, before I go away.  We are only going away for three days, over a long weekend, but everything on my desk I feel I must complete (despite the fact that if I was home I would likely not get it all done).  Does everyone else feel this way too or is it just me?

So how did we pick New York?  Well first I am for there and have not been back in a few years, however I am only going to see my family for a snippet (sad face) while we are there.  The main reason is my daughter, despite being to New York several times has never been to New York City and she has been asking to go for a long time.  Well a friend of mine also wanted to go and Nada willingly agreed to join us.  So we will soon be off, three moms, three girls and 10 suitcases (that is just Nada’s).  Seriously we have all agreed to try to pack mom and daughter into one suitcase.  I wanted to go to NYC because of everything that is there, museums, National Monuments, Statute of Liberty, plays, restaurants, and frankly people watching.  ( I better throw in shopping too or Nada will not be happy with me – I am sure I will squeeze some shopping in too).  Where else is my daughter going to see a true cross section of the people of the world (OK maybe there are some other places, but NYC surely has it).

We are so overbooked with all our activities right now I don’t know how we will see everything ( I know we won’t but I am overly ambitious on trips).  We have great restaurants planned, Max Brenners, Landmark, Eately, a trip to Statute of Liberty, seeing the Spring Spectacular of the Rockettes, a museum visit (Guggenheim or MOMA – not sure yet) and hopefully tickets to Wicked or another Broadway show.

Now, if you have been reading our blog or you know me personally, education is going to play a part in this trip for sure.  Check out my next post on what we have been doing to learn about New York before our trip.

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