We decided to go visit the Orlando Science Center since I had the day off and Lightning loves “field trips”.  Lightning was surprised and excited.  The trip was a hit with her.  There are four floors there to go exploring and you are also treated to one free movie, we picked 3D Monsters, about 45 minutes long. The cost is $19 per adult and $13 for children 3-11.  You can purchase a family membership for $135.00.  We opted to just pay to go in figuring we would not likely regularly drive the hour to visit.  I asked about homeschooler discounts and they said they had none at this time. I would recommend at least 3 – 4 hours to go exploring and to give you enough time to also enjoy their “shows/lectures”. We enjoyed each show/lecture we attended and particularly found the Nature Works employees extremely knowledgeable.  We were able to see reef fish feedings, learn about lion fish, alligators and turtles and Lightning even was able to pet a baby alligator. Lightning enjoyed the Orange Groves in Kids Town, while dad enjoyed the Science Park where he could simulate being a pilot and race car driver.  I think I enjoyed Our Plant Exhibit Hall the most.  We were able to be on TV and report the weather, we could highlight a giant globe to see air traffic patterns and lightning strikes across the world….yep, Florida was #1 in the US.  We also tried to build structures that could withstand an earthquake.  We all liked Dino Digs.  The dinosaur replicas were well done, however, the presentation definitely refers to dinosaurs living millions years ago, so if you are opposed to your children hearing the secular teaching you might want to skip that lecture. P.S.  Same goes for the 3D Monster movie. My main negative was some things did not feel or look super clean and being the slight germaphobe that I am I was a little troubled by this.  If you look at the Orlando Science Center website they do discuss re-vamping some exhibits so hopefully that issue will be eliminated.

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