Outside Rome City Center – Part 3

After we left Vatican City we would up walking randomly and found Borghesse Park, the Heart of Rome.  This was a lovely park and a great place to take kids for jus some fun running around time.  There is a playground and a children’s theater that played a movie at 4 PM (we did not stay that late).  If we had more time I would have loved to have rented a bike and rode around this rather immense park.

The other area we tried to rent bikes and ride around was the Appian Way, unfortunately when we got there we found out pretty much everything closed at 5 PM.  The catacombs are there as well some of the original road form the Appian Way.  We went there many to see Domino quo est. Church, where Jesus spoke to St. Peter, little did I know there is a cast of the footprints of Jesus in the church from the Appian Way.  We were able to visit this very small church and have the whole church to ourself.  I am baffled this is not more of a visited site.  I thought it was pretty amazing to stand in the spot where Jesus appeared to St. Peter.


The next stop was to Boca de Veritas.


We also arrived late here, however I don’t think it mattered.  Supposedly if you stick your hand in the mouth it will be taken if you lie.  Although the gates were closed to walk in there, you could clearly see it and the rope which you had to stand behind – my husband and I both said we couldn’t reach our hand in from behind the rope. No clue if they let you do that or not, but it was a fun spot to stop.  Next we headed for dinner to a recommended restaurant but once we got there we realized it was pizza only and having had pizza so much already, Lighting and I were ready for some pasta. We found an amazing restaurant around the corner and I had awesome Spinach Ravioli, but the highlight was the Tiramasu; we had to order two it was so good.  I will dream about that Tiramasu.

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