School Resources–What is my child eligible for as a homeschooler?

Public School Resources – What is my child eligible for as a homeschooler?


I was attending one of the social coops we belong to and one of the moms said that she obtain the access code to Brain Pop for her son from his zoned school.  He had been there for some speech assistance and they offered it to her. Hmmmmmm.  I started thinking.  Why don’t I have that information?  We pay taxes, right?  Was it really that easy?  Yep. What is my child eligible for as a homeschooler?


A few days later I went to my Lightning’s zoned school with the letter from the state confirming my daughter is home schooled and her last review properly completed by a licensed teacher.  I waited for about two minutes and a very nice lady came out to meet with me, took a cursory look at my paperwork and said let’s see what we can do.  She immediately called the media center that readily provided her the access information for the school to Brain Pop, Jr.  We were then directed down to the media center where we met the librarian.  He showed us the program they have on the school computers for reading.  After reading a book from their library you then take a test on their computers.  The student’s progress is then tracked and points are earned for each book you read; the harder the book the more points the book is worth.  Once you reach a certain number of points you can then to select items from the library’s store of goodies.  What a fun reward.


After Lightning took the exam we went back to the office and the person we spoke with the first day had a form ready for us to request partial enrollment.  She confirmed that Lightning would not be required to take any standardized testing if partially enrolled, as long as she was not enrolled in any classes that have an FCAT component, i.e. Math, English, Social Studies, Science.  Per the form you must register at the beginning of the class to be eligible to take the class, however, the lady at the school said she could enroll now.  If she can enroll now I think we are going to try it, this way she only has a few classes before school is over and she can then we can decide if she should enroll next year.  I will keep you updated as we proceed further.

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