We have created this Resources section to try to assist any parent, caregiver or grandparent who is looking for a way to help their child with their education. The resources listed by us have been kid-tested and mom-approved. If something is untested or untried, we will indicate that clearly.

We discussed leaving out the sites that we don’t care for, and some will indeed never make it onto this site, but others made the cut because we believe that each child and each mother is different, and just because something didn’t work for us doesn’t necessarily mean that won’t work for you or your child. If we see some benefit to the site we will share the information with you and let you make your own decision. We came up with a simple scoring system to eliminate any guesswork. Here it is:

Nothing: This is a resource we use and recommend.

🙁 : This indicates that the site does have some merit and is worth checking out, but isn’t a resource that we use or enjoy.

:/ : This indicates that the site was recommended to use by a reliable source, but we haven’t used or reviewed it yet.

If there is a resource you feel we should add to any of our subpages, let us know so that we can check it out and add it to the appropriate area. We love the exchange of information. There is so much out there to digest, and sharing our experiences will save us all time and frustration.


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