Foreign Language

Nada and I both are huge advocates for the study of any foreign language.  Nada speaks French and Arabic along with English and I speak English along with a little Spanish.  My husband’s first language was Spanish and Lightning and I are on a mission to increase our fluency.  

Mango – mango – – So many languages to choose from.  Our local library offers free access.  Check your library site under e-resources.

Muzzy – This is a program from the BBC.  We purchased this early on as the teaching is through cartoon DVD’s.  Lightning loved watching these when she was younger.  You can add sub texts to the cartoon to help increase proficiency.  It is available in Spanish, French, Italian and Mandarin Chinese.  They have an offer where you can try it for free, but you have to pay for shipping and handling.   This program is directed more towards younger child to 12 years of age.

Rosetta Stone – I purchased this prior to children and never really got into it.  Once Lightning was old enough we opened it up and tried again.  Lightning nor I had great success with Rosetta Stone.  We always had problems moving beyond the pronunciation section.  I even had my husband come over to say the words so we could  move on and sometimes it would not even mark his pronunciation correct.  Needless to say we both became frustrated and would then skip that section and eventually we just beam frustrated and she hated doing it and did not want to learn Spanish anymore so we moved on.  Rosetta Stone has about 30 languages you can choose from for learning.

Homesschool Spanish Academy – – check it out.  You Skype with your teacher in Guatamela and you are emailed your curriculum.  My daughter enjoys the class, we did stop taking the class as it was becoming hard to schedule with the teacher she liked at times that worked for us.  They do have flexible times, but they just didn’t work for us..  We took the IPAD and headphones with us when we were at Disney and she took her class in the middle of the park.  No problems.

La Clase Divertida –  We have also tried this program and although I did like it, it is a little frustrating to use if you don’t have more than one child, fortunately I was willing to participate in the program with Lightning, but not being fluent in Spanish it sometimes became frustrating to go back on the DVD to see if you said things correctly.  It would have been helpful to include flashcards with the questions and answers he had you stop the DVD for to practice with your partner.  In addition to a Spanish lessons they also include lessons about a country and craft activities, ours was on Mexico.  I couldn’t find on their website what countries the other programs covered.  You purchase your level based on your knowledge of Spanish, however he has an on-line virtual school for high schoolers.



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