San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf/Lombard Street

California – Day 7 – San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf/Lombard Street

After several work phone calls we  head straight for the cable cars early in the morning to take it down to the Wharf, it is about 9:30 am.  We needed to get back to the Wharf to turn in Lightning’s  junior ranger booklet so she could earn her badge.  My plan to ride the cable car again is thwarted as the cable car is not working, we need to walk eight blocks to grab the next one.  Not too far I think, but needless to say by the time we get there, there is another line and we can see the wharf, so we just walk the rest of the way.  But first a pit stop because we are cold and we realize we need more layers.  We have only been wearing tank tops with sweaters, however, I left my sweater in the room.  There is a huge Old Navy right in front of me and we run in.  I purchase a cardigan, Lightning chooses a button up long sleeve shirt (nothing matches by the way) to go over her shirt and hubby buys a pair of pants.  On our way to the Wharf we first stop at Lombard street, which by the way you have to walk up and down several hills to get there. Then just for fun, walk up Lombard, instead of down.

Lombard Street
Lombard Street
Fisherman's Wharf
Fisherman’s Wharf


Next back to the Wharf.  First stop the Maritime Museum.  The wonderful ranger there makes such a big deal about her finishing her book. She has Lightning take the Junior Ranger oath and gives her a badge, everyone around claps…too cute.  Now off to see some WWII ships.  We tour the ship that was used in the Titanic for some scenery.  Lightning has a ball in the control room where the ship’s seaman answers all of her questions and gives her a private tour…he was awesome.  A little oil later on her brand new shirt and we are headed back upstairs.

IMG_5079 IMG_5067


Back to  Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for the second time in two days; it is too good to say no. We are exhausted from al the walking and decide to catch an electric bus back to the hotel.  Needless to say we then learn we have to take at least one other bus to get there. We decided to cut our losses and jumped off at the Embarcardo Market.  Lightning had seen a playground with a spiderman looking dome that she wanted to try and it was right by the market so we decided to take a need play break.  One thing she said she really wanted in San Francisco was to make a friend.   My sweet little girl played by herself for a little while, helping some of the much younger kids climb up the rock wall until finally her wish came true and a little girl named Gabriella began playing with her.  They played together until it was getting dark and we decided we should head back towards our hotel.  Still exhausted we looked for the electric bus back to our hotel, but instead Lightning spied an empty waiting cable car and we jumped on it.  We finally got our cable car ride.


While on the cable care we spoke with a local woman she gave us a tip to eat at Uncle Vito’s, where you can watch them make the pizza.  Inexpensive as far as San Francisco goes and good pizza, plus Lightning enjoyed watching them make her pizza.  Finally, we ended the day with some more shopping, c’mon the stores were right outside out hotel.  Three pairs of shoes for me, two pairs of shorts and a top for Lightning and back to the hotel we went.


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