“I believe the term school needs to be redefined. There are so many different ways to be schooled nowadays that one stop shopping is not an option. Even when I was in school, there were alternative programs for the “bad” kids or kids that did not do well in school. They went to vocational training schools. It is funny, I was one of the kids that did well in school, yet I always thought that some of those “other” kids were going to be done with school that same time as me and have jobs within days. Some were going to be making some pretty decent money. I am from New York, and if you got into a union, you were pretty much set for life. When I graduated I still had four more years of college.  Little did I realize an additional three additional years on top of the those four were in my future. I finished with a great education and a very large student loan. I look back at those “bad” kids or kids that did not do well in school and think to myself, if homeschooling was more acceptable back then, they very well might have been the smart kids.

No matter what type of schooling is right for your child, we all have the same goals in mind: to provide our children with the best education possible, and an education that is right for that child. Your child can now go to public school, private school, charter schools, an Immersion School, an Umbrella school, Virtual School or be home schooled. Your child can even do a combination of some of the types of schooling. You can be homeschooled and be partially enrolled in a school or you can attend a public school and take some Virtual School classes. The options are endless.

The one thing that Nada and I both believe is that whatever option is right for your child, schooling always takes place at home. We hope to offer you some resources, opportunities and advice that help you ensure your child has access to the best education for him or her.” Jean

“I never thought that my kids would ever attend public school. I grew up with a private school education and planned the same for them, but when our small school closed suddenly, I had to make a last minute switch. My girls are now enrolled in a small gifted program at a historic old public school, but the adjustment has been huge – and mostly all mine. My girls have adjusted beautifully and love school, but I believe that homeschooling is in our future. I plan to homeschool starting in middle school, and possibly earlier, so I take it day by day, keeping my options and my mind open and seeing where the year takes us.” Nada

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