Insects, not my favorite topic to cover.  Maybe it was subconscious, and I do not know how this has happened, but I managed to lose Lightning’s science book, Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day by Apologia last semester and we still need to cover the insects section.  We had four more chapters to finish.  In lieu of buying another book for four chapters we started to use the Notebooking Journal as a guide.  Fortunately, I told a friend of my mishap with the book and she was finished with hers so we were able to use her book to complete our four chapters.

To review insects I had Lightning mold an insect out of clay.  She opted to do a bee; as you can see her bee had all the necessary body parts.  Since she had a friend over  while she was sculpting, she videotaped herself teaching her friend about the parts of an insect.  I think I am going to have her do this more often, possibly after each science chapter.  It was a great review for her and I think it really cemented a lot of what she learned to repeat it as if she was the teacher.


Photo on 4-21-14 at 5.58 PM

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