Sarah-slide-SnS-brown-txt   I was so excited when we received a request to review Sleep’n Sync, I immediately knew what the concept was and thought it was an ingenious idea. When I was in law school I had two roommates. I was fortunate, or so I thought, to have my own room, while my roommates had to share a room. I was really good friends with one of my roommates and we would chuckle about the other girl, who kept pretty much to herself, because she played tapes at night while they slept. She would read her notes from class into a tape recorder (yes, I said tape recorder) and would play it back on a boom box (yes, I said boom box) while they slept at night to help her memorize her notes. Chuckle we did, but they had the last laugh, because when it came to test time, my friend swore, as did my other roommate, that they knew material that both of them claimed they did not study. They were both convinced it was because of the notes they listened to at night, and were sold on the idea of learning while you sleep. Sleep’n Sync is based on this same concept. An audio download is played for about 20-30 minutes a night, as your child sleeps, for a  six-week period. There are several tracks to choose from: Bullying Dealing with Anger I, II and III Reading Comprehension Flexibility I, II and III Test Taking Bullying I The audio download is $20, or you can purchase a CD and booklet for $36.00 (not all audios have the CD and booklet option). I chose Dealing with Anger I for my first review. I was not always diligent in playing the audio every night for six weeks, but that is because I saw a change so quickly with my daughter. Now let me preface her “anger issue.” She is not an angry child by far, but I chose anger because she gets so upset at herself when she does not do something right or when she can’t control her situation. She gets very frustrated, upset and angry. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, she just doesn’t know what to do with her anger/frustration. We have worked on different techniques, i.e. hitting a pillow or letting out a scream, but I wasn’t really thrilled with these outlets. Since I started playing this audio at night, she seems to wake up a little happier, and since she has been listening to the tapes, I have not seen a single incident of her feeling angry or frustrated. Now, of course, I can’t say if it’s because an anger-inducing situation hadn’t presented itself, but I do feel as if my child is a little more at peace. We have just started the Flexibility I audio. Lightning does go with the flow most of the time, but as an only child, she is not as used to compromising as someone with siblings. I thought this would be a good audio to try out next to see if maybe she will be more flexible with changes to her plans when her friends are visiting. (I will post an update on the Flexibility I audio after we try it out for a few weeks.) I do need to add that the voice and the music on the audios is rather soothing to listen to at night. Tonight, I put it on while my daughter was still awake and she immediately grabbed her pillow, tucked herself in, and fell asleep within minutes of the audio starting. I definitely recommend trying the Sleep’n Sync system. It will not replace other methods of direction or instruction, but it will supplement the work you are already doing with your child, and provides a soothing sleep environment as well.

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