St. Patrick’s Day


So many things you can do for St. Patrick’s Day.  There are tons of rainbow crafts, leprechaun hats made with construction paper and shamrock activities.   In addition to crafts there are movies and books read on You Tube about Leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day.  You can also study the history of St. Patrick’s Day and learn about Ireland.  I have pinned some links at

Each year we learn something new relating to St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish.  Did I forget to mention I am half Irish?  My grandparents came straight from Ireland to New York, I believe one of them actually passed through Ellis Island.  We usually focus on the history of St. Patrick. I found an interesting lap book on the history of St. Patrick’s Day and Irish history if you are interested in taking that route with your kiddos. 

This year I have decided something a little different.  We are going to learn about limericks, but first we are going to watch a cute YouTube video I found, The Leprechauns Christmas Gold, is simply a little story about leprechauns and their gold.  Then we will move onto learning about limericks.  I found this fun catchy video on how to write a limerick: (it is also on our pinterest board if the link does not work).

So what is a limerick anyway?  Simply stated it is a type of rhyming poem.  The rules are simple… you need to rhyme lines 1,2 and 5 with one another and lines 3 and 4 with one another.  The point of the rhyme is to be silly.  I found a freebie that I am going to use for this lesson.  I like her templates provided.  Here is the link to her freebie on teachers pay teachers:

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