Day Ten – Ten Lords a Leaping


The kids have got to be getting excited.  We are getting really close to the big day.  I know it is really hard to homeschool as we get closer to the big day, not only is Lightning distracted, but I am more likely than not doing some last minute shopping and preparing for the 20 plus people who come to our house Christmas Eve.  To keep it light we have some more dancing today and a video to make sure we remember who we honor each and every day.  

Apparently ten lords a leaping, in the secular, interpretation of this song refers to a type of folk dance done by Morris dancers.  This dance used to be performed between food courses being served.  I found a great video on you tube that teaches Victorian-style Morris Dance.  Now this is not the type of dance you want to do to impress, but it is a type of dance that looks like fun (might even look a little how I dance to others – rhythm seems to have skipped this Irish lass).  Here is the video:  You may want to have the kiddos put on a dance Christmas Eve or Day in between courses at your holiday table.

The religious version of ten lords a leaping is believed to reference the Ten Commandments.  My daughter loves the following video and has easily memorized the Ten Commandments watching it.  She likes how the numbers are converted into the shape of the commandment.

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