I have to start this post with letting you all know that I am re-learning so many things as we continue on our home schooling journey.  I feel bad sometimes for my friends who aren’t home schooling because I think, no I know, I am getting smarter.  LOL.  We have embarked this year to learn about American History.  I was feeling pretty comfortable with this topic until we got to the 13 colonies.  I know they are located mostly in the northeast, some in the southeast, but can I name them?…heck NO.  So now I am trying to come up with some creative ways to help her learn the 13 colonies.  I just read on memoryjoggers.com that to get your child to remember something have them make up a story with little stick drawings.  Using this as my premise, I assigned my daughter to come up with a way to memorize the 13 colonies.  I dropped her off at my mother’s and told she didn’t have to write a story, she is a reluctant writer, or draw anything, she could videotape her assignment.   I gave her the IPAD and off she went.  Wow!  I was pleasantly surprised with what I got back.  My mom told me that my reluctant writer actually wrote herself notes and stuck them on the back of the IPAD to help her remember her story.  AWESOME…. She practiced writing today without even complaining.  I had no idea this assignment would actually have her voluntarily writing.  I love, love, love what she came up with completely on her own.  Here it is:

  • Hello, My name is Virginia.
  • I live in Massachusetts.
  • My mom goes to Penny’s.
  • My sister’s name is Mary.
  • We got a pup In New Hampshire.
  • We went to New York and picked up
  • Carolina S. and Carolina N.
  • We picked up coconuts in Delaware and
  • peaches in Georgia.
  • We went on the road to New Jersey….

Lesson learned by this mom, remember to not be so structured in assignments –  a little independence in the learning process produced great results.

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