The Best Educational Gifts for Kids 2015

Listen, even as homeschoolers, we know that not everything needs to be a well orchestrated Learning Opportunity. Children learn their best through play, and when that play involves thoughtfully designed toys that also happen to teach a thing or two, then it’s win-win, really. They’ll have so much fun they won’t even know they’re learning. Here are our picks for the best educational gifts for kids 2015.

Quoridor Board Game

Simple yet challenging, this strategy game is a great pic for your next family game night. $28.75, Amazon

Project MC2 Dolls

Because smart is the new cool, these dolls celebrate science, intelligence and girl power. My girls have already fallen for the TV series, which shows smart girls solving problems using technology and science, so these dolls and science kits are sure to be a hit! From $19.99, Amazon

Meccano MeccaNoid G15 Robot

Kids can build, program and play with their very own robot. An app is available that allows the robot to say over 1000 phrases, and it also features voice recognition technology. $129.99, Amazon

Melissa & Doug Slumber Party Box of Questions

Girls 8 and up will love bonding (and getting to know each other better) with this adorable set of cards. $9.77, Amazon

Wilson X Connected Basketball

A ball that actually improves your game, this wireless smart ball tracks your makes and misses via an app and Bluetooth technology. $199.99, Amazon

The Louvre in Close Up Book

This beautiful hardcover book offers an up close look at 24 of the museum’s most famous works of art, including magnifications and lift-the-flap features. $4.90, Amazon

Road Trip Word Game

Kids will learn all about the United States while on a fictional road trip in this fun, cleverly packaged board game. $22.75, Amazon


These building sets for girls allow them to design rooms and whole houses that are connected to motors to power blenders, carousels, elevators and everything else. They teach STEM skills in a fun, hands-on way. $39.99, Amazon

Wonder Workshop Dot Robotics Kit

This colorful, friendly robot teaches early coding and projects, when used with an app, that bring it to life. $49.99, Amazon

Kids First Amusement Park Engineer Kit

A colorful storybook guides preschoolers through the process of building their own amusement park and learning engineering concepts. $48.71, Amazon
We hope you got some new ideas from some of our favorite educational gifts of the year! Which is your favorite?

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