The Civil War, An Interactive American History by Matt Doeden


The Civil War by Matt Doeden

I bought this book for Lightning as a Christmas present.  She would randomly pick up the book and read it. I finally decided to see what she liked about the book that she, on her own, would pick up and read.  The premise of the book .is you get to choose the path of the story, to wit: will you going the Union or the Confederates.  You then get to see the outcome of your choices based on your story path. You then get to go back and see a different outcome if you chose another route.  There are 3 story paths to choose from with 47 choices to make throughout the story and 20 different endings. While making your choices you are learning that there are different outcomes based on your choices all the while about significant battles of the Civl War.

I do have to say, if your child has issues with following the theme of a story this would not be the best book for them.  Once you are done with one story line, you then go back and follow another story line choosing different outcomes.  It can get a little confusing, although Lightning would usually follow one story line and then put the book down.  Next time she picked the book up she would follow a different story line, but she was able to keep track of which choices she had already made.

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Lightning’s Review:  I thought it is very good for a history and social studies book.  What I like most about it is all the choices in the book. I thought it was very fun to read as it was like being on an adventure for me.  I think children who like to make their own choices and endings would like this book.


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