The End of Molasses Classes by Ron Clark – Book Review


The End of Molasses Classes

I don’t know why I decided to read this book or how I fell upon it, but I am so glad I found it.

This is the story of Ron Clark and how he started the Ron Clark Academy. What I found so interesting about this book is his teaching philosophy.  Basically find teachers who love what they do, support those teachers and the kids will learn.  Seems like a simple concept and when you read his book, it actually does seem simple.  Let the teachers create an environment they love to be in and they will enjoy teaching.  Create an environment the kids love to be in and they will enjoy going to school everyday.  Show each other respect and the students respect and they will show each other respect and you respect.  Expect the best from them and expect no less.


The school has a slide in it, moving bookcases as the entry to a classroom, themed classrooms, pictures of the kids in the hallway and a spinning wheel that all new students spin to find out what “house” they will be placed in just like in the Harry Potter series.  Not only does the school teach academics, but they teach respect, require all kids to look into the eyes of the person they are speaking with and expect proper grammar to be spoken at all times.


Think outside the box to get the kids motivated and excited.  If you are studying Rome, decorate your classroom like Rome.  If the kids are zoning out jump on the desks and dance.  Have the kids play drums in class.  Encourage the students to support one another and cheer each other on in their schoolwork.


As a home schooler, I would have to think twice about not sending my child to the Ron Clark Academy if this school was in our area.  This is a great read, especially for teachers and school adminstrators.  It’s all about thinking outside of the box, which is one of the things I love about homeschooling; we get to think outside the box and figure out the best way to teach our children, whether it be out of a book, at the beach or in the backyard.


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