The Fourth Day of Christmas, Four Calling Birds

So what are calling birds.  Are they birds that make phone calls?  That is what “Lightning” thinks they should be but they are actually birds.  The original song from the 1700’s actually is four colly birds.  The word colly actually just means black, so the song is just referring to four black birds. I thought that was an interesting factoid for the kiddos and me.  So what I suggested for “Lightning” to do today is to come up with four people (family members) that she has not spoken to that she thinks would like to call that she hasn’t spoken to in a while or four things that she might feel “called” to do today.  She did not like that idea as she already has four good deeds to do today.  Despite numerous attempts explaining to the 7 year old what “a calling” is I felt defeated so I gave her a second option.  She can draw me a caricature of four calling birds.  

I will update you to see what she comes up with or elects to do.  Would love to hear from you how your child handled this assignment.  

UPDATE:  Lightning elected to draw four calling birds.  I am not surprised.  If she has her choice all her school work would be drawn.


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