The Mark Twain Experience – Part 1

A Brilliant Streak – The Making of Mark Twain by Kathryn Lasky

One of the homeschooling groups we sporadically attend, due to conflicts with our coop schedule, is hosting a Mark Twain lecture.  Figured we’d take this opportunity to learn a little about the author and read some of his books before the lecture.  The first book I chose, A Brilliant Streak – The Making of Mark Twain by Kathryn Lasky, is a short biography on the early years of Mark Twain, perfect for the elementary to middle school reader (frankly it was perfect for me too).

This book is a well written and simply understood story about Mark Twain’s younger years. The kids learn Mark Twain’s real name, Samuel Langhorn Clemens, and how he came up with the pen name, Mark Twain.

This is one of the first biographies my daughter has read. Sure she has read stories about Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, the Wright Brothers, etc., but they were told more as stories about the life of as opposed to a historical account of their lives. This book combined both. I wasn’t sure if this would bore my daughter as she loves her fantasy books, but much to my delight she picked this book up and didn’t put it down until she was done. She loved learning about the antics of Mark Twain.

Take the quiz below to see how well you now know Mark Twain after reading this book.  If the quiz doesn’t pop up below click on the NEXT button and it should appear on the next page.


Welcome to your Mark Twain

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1. What was Mark Twain's birth name?
2. What did Mark Twain and all his friends want to do for a living when they all grew up?
3. What nautical reference was Mark Twain’s name derived from?
4. What friend from childhood was Huckelberry Finn modeled after?
5. What was Samuel Clemen’s first job?
6. What was Mark Twain’s first story about as an employed writer for the Enterprise?
7. What story caused Mark Twain to leave his position with the Enterprise?
8. What was the name of Mark Twain’s first story that was published?
9. What nickname did Mark Twain's early writings earn him?
10. Under what comet was Mark Twain born and also die?

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