The Mark Twain Experience – Part 2 (A virtual tour)

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Mark Twain Experience – Part 2

We started our adventure into Mark Twain’s writings with The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  I forgot the extent of Mark Twain’s vocabulary and how many words we needed to lookup to get through the book.  You could create an entire vocabulary list from the book if you wanted.

If you haven’t read Tom Sawyer, it is one of those must read books.  Tom Sawyer is an adventurous and a somewhat rebellious child.  Whatever Aunt Polly tells Tom to do he manages to do the opposite.  Tell him to go to school and he goes swimming in the lake, tell him to go to sleep and he sneaks out, but regardless of Tom’s antics he is just a boy looking for fun and adventure, I think that is what draws people to this book.  His adventures tend to get a little out of hand, especially when Huckleberry Finn is involved, and he finds himself witnessing a murder, living on an island with his two friends and lost in a cave.

The adventures of Tom Sawyer are based on some of Mark Twain’s childhood experiences and as such you can visit Missouri and  experience a little of Tom Sawyer’s childhood. Here is a virtual tour of Twain’s boyhood home and the museum.

Here is a virtual tour of the museum created by kids.

Check out the earth cam to see Mark Twain’s home.

If you want to learn more or tour the cave Tom and Becky were lost in check out this site.

If you can’t visit the cave here is some information for a virtual tour of the caves – maybe make the house 52 degrees to get the feel of being in the cave

I have never thought about visiting Missouri, but I can’t think of a more fun trip with a child than going into a cave to go spelunking.  Thanks again to one of the moms in one of our local homeschool group for bringing her mother-in-law to the group to speak about Mark Twain, she sparked everyone’s interest in the group to this wonderful author.

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