The Second Day of Christmas – Two Turtle Doves

Day Two – Two Turtle Doves

First, if your child is young enough not to know what a turtle dove is have them first draw you a picture of what they think a turtle dov looks like.  Don’t forget to post a picture here for us to see.



 The following link is to website on birds and wildlife that provides a nice concise summary of the turtle dove and has a video of the turtle dove singing:

Next we are going to make a turtle dove ornament from white felt, however if you have fabric that would work too.  Find a free printable picture of a turtle dove online and then cut that out to make a template.  I have posted a link below to the turtle dove template we will be using.  Once you have the template trace the outline onto your material of choice.  Sew the 2 pieces together either with thread or yarn (yarn is easier for novices or kids).  Before you close it up fill it with stuffing.  The stuffing can be from anything if you don’t have stuffing in the house. You can use old material, cotton balls, newspapers, etc.  Punch a hole in the top to add a string or sew a string on so your turtle dove ornament can be hung from the tree.

This, of course, has led us to a discussion on endangered species and what we can do in the environment to help endangered species.   Challenge:  Try to make one of your two good deeds something that would be helpful to the environment.

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