The Sixth Day of Christmas – Six Geese a Laying

Day 6:  Six Geese a Laying

My daughter said Mommy “I know what geese are”.  I said, “You do?”  She immediately responded, “It means there is more than one goose”.  She next inquired if we were going to learn about geese.    My answer…nope….doesn’t sound like you want to.  What we are going to learn about today are irregular plurals.  Huh?  Yes, that is what we are going to learn about.  So since we are on day six I thought we would pick six irregular plurals.

Irregular nouns are simply that, nouns that just don’t follow the same rules when you make them a plural, i.e. desk to desks, chair to chairs…these are regular plural nouns.

Here are some common irregular plural nouns to review regardless of your child’s age.  Older kids can use reinforcement or you can have them find some more difficult irregular plural nouns (focus to foci, phenomenon to phenomena) to share with you.   

#1 is obvious, I think… goose…..and the plural is…..geese

#2 – half…..and the plural is…..halves.  Change the “f” to a “v” then add “es”.

 Similar rule is applicable to words ending in “fe”, change the “f” to a “v” and then add the “s”.  

         wife…..and the plural is…..wives; loaf …..and the plural is…..loaves.

They both wind up with “ves” as their ending.  

#3 – potato…..and the plural is…..potatoes.  If it ends in an “o” change to an “es”.  Bonus word:  tomato…..and the plural is…..tomatoes.

#4 – cactus…..and the plural is…..Cacti.  If it ends in “us” change the us to an “i”.

#5 – mouse…..and the plural is…..mice.  Some we just have to memorize as they follow no rule.  Other examples are man to men, tooth to teeth, person to people

#6 – sheep…..and the plural is…..sheep.  Oh OK, I tricked them there.  Some nouns just don’t change if they are singular or plural.  Another example is deer.

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